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Extract any key, id, or number from emails. With just one API.

Nex powers your AI solutions by turning emails into structured data. You define a schema. AI does the rest.

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Trusted, tested, and growing across industries

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Find part codes, SKUs, product ids, etc. hidden in your inbox

Bulk upload emails with embeddings and attachments. Get structured metadata that explains the entire context of the email.

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Use Nex to Analyse Data

Load the processed emails into Nex's AI Software to ask questions, make forecasts, and more.

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Use Nex to Integrate Data

Just use one API to reconcile processed emails with your internal ERPs, CRMs, and automation tools.

Upload in Bulk

We listened to users and re-designed V2 APIs to handle massive volume. Should've known.

Adopt Incrementally

We're pay-as-you-go. And you can learn how Nex works by playing with the console.


If your company's policies don't let us store your data, that's fine too.

We power diverse business needs with clean data

Clients and engineers process their data through Nex to drive key outcomes.

Capture unrealised revenue from customer emails

Make accurate forecasts about what parts to build and products to stock based on untracked email metadata parsed through Nex API.

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Speed up sales outreach by analysing prospects' profiles

Rapidly categorise senders, create hypotheses, generate targeted messaging, and more, with Nex Software powered by Nex API.

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Reduce data discovery cost across attachments

Bulk upload and analyse PDFs, Docs, Excels, CSVs, Images, etc. in Nex Software or only get their metadata through Nex API.

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Drive greater efficiency with automated processes

Build internal tools for your organisation and use Nex API to process all your data into a standard data structure.

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How Nex Works

Designed to get your business results as fast as possible.

1. Decide what you want to use Nex for

Most customers start with our V2 API suite which handles data ingestion, extraction, and management. For certain industries, we also offer SaaS under the sub-brand Amp.

Building your own internal solution?
Want ready-to-use analytics software?

2. Clarify what business outcomes you're seeking

Our work with various clients revealed that there're many ways to increase revenue and drive down cost. Better forecasting, cleaner data, smoother integrations. We got you.

Business Outcomes

3. Hop on a short call with us

We'll get you going in under 15 minutes. You'll get your account, API Keys, access to AI software, data preparation tools, and more, depending on your needs.

We work crazy fast.
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Common Questions

Can't find something? Contact us.

Nex AI offers two AI-powered analytics solutions.

Our primary product is a suite of Developer APIs for email data ingestion, extraction, classification, and integration.

We also offer a ready-to-use software product under the sub-brand Amp, powered by Nex AI APIs.

Put your emails to work.

Power AI solutions with your main source of business information.

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