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Data Mining
Re-imagined with AI

Nex saves you time and energy by using AI to read, understand, and analyse data.

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Backed by Nvidia Inception

Find what you need, when you need it

Search your files and folders using keywords, filters, and powerful semantic matching. Struggling to recall that one file? Chill. 

Nex AI Data Search Benefit

Factual AI answers, references included

Get clear on how Nex reached its answer. Inspect citations down to the words and phrases fed into AI. We're transparent. 

Nex AI Data Reference Benefit

We make your data

You bring the questions.
Nex brings the answers.

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People work faster with Nex.

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Leverage module-based data processing.

We built a data processing pipeline backed by cutting edge research methods proven to enhance the knowledge of AI models.


Data from your devices, CRMs, and cloud drives flows into our software.


AI labels your data, considering file format, structure, and category.


We further enrich your data to reflect its content and usefulness.


Your data is intelligently split into easily dense bite-sized modules.


We store it in a speedy secure database (could be on-premise).


You ask Nex to write, tabulate, and visualize with your data in mind.

A dynamic and
flexible solution.

With increasing use cases for analysing structured and unstructured data.

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Automated Data Discovery for Management Consultants

New projects come with new data. That usually means unformatted cells, confusing file names, and horrible version control. Let Nex provide gists and pointers so you can get to work faster.

Nex for Consultancy ->
Nex AI Consultancy Solution

Curriculum Planning for Educational Institutions

Curriculum planning takes time, but it doesn't need to. By leveraging your existing teaching material and exam papers, Nex can craft notes, vary questions, and construct complex diagrams in minutes.

Nex for Education ->
Nex AI Education Solution

Process Optimization for Sales Development

Sales representatives know that their job is an unending refinement based on feedback and hypotheses. Nex provides that basis by mining insights across profiles and processes.

Nex for Sales ->
Nex AI Consultancy Solution

Quality Control Monitoring for Manufacturing Firms

Quality matters, and the faster it goes up, the better. Nex ingests quantitative logs and qualitative feedback to generate precise insights on production efficiency, defect rates, and more.

Nex for Quality Control ->
Nex AI Manufacturing Quality Control Solution

Predictive Maintenance for Production and Manufacturing

Modern businesses strive for 100% uptime. Nex mines data across production lines and historical maintenance records to predict when something will go wrong.

Nex for Predictive Maintenance ->
Nex AI Maintenance Solution

Your gateway to Gen AI.

Experience increased accuracy of AI-generated outputs thanks to our proprietary processing.

Transform raw data

Tap into the best AIs

OpenAI GPT AI ModelHuggingFace Open Source AI ModelGoogle Gemini AI Model

Seriously great
Knowledge retrieval

Trusted robustness


For even tigher

The Best of ETL and RAG

We blend the best of efficient structured queries and natural language interfaces, and experts predict this is the future of data related work.

Nex AI Software
"[AI will help with] delivering more client and actual billable work"
XpertiseNow, October 2023
"[Time saved with AI] will create upskilling opportunities"
Ernst & Young, June 2023
"[AI will help with] improving knowledge management."
Forbes, November 2023

Your questions,
our answers.

Get clear on everything Nex.

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For one to two person teams struggling with tedious analysis.

500k tokens + 4 GB storage

AI data cleaning and analysis

Mine essential insights from CSVs, Excels, PDFs, Docs, and more

$750 / month

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For dedicated teams working with growing data sources.

2M tokens + 10 GB storage

Dedicated support + customisation

Analyse complex files (e.g. PDFs with graphs and diagrams)

$4500 / month

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For large enterprises looking to make data their advantage.

Tailored usage just for you

Sync with live data sources

Custom integrations + pipelines built with you stage by stage

Custom / month

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State of the art ingestion and retrieval for developers and enterprises with tech teams.

Integrate one API and just dump all your data regardless of format and structure

Regularly updated to reflect industry-leading RAG and ETL for different mime types

Flexible usage limits that scales with your data's volume and import frequency

$100 / month flat usage fee

$0.04 / API call after

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Nex AI vs ChatGPT

Nex AI

Allows large file uploads

Cleans + labels your data

Superior multi-modal RAG

Use GPT or other models

Affordable enterprise solution


Generic consumer chatbot

No permanent knowledge base

Limited multi-modal RAG

Locked in to OpenAI

Expensive for enterprises

Nex does what ChatGPT can't.

Your data is
used for training.

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