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Data Mining
Suits Everyone

Whether you're a medium firm or a large enterprise, your data is a key asset.

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For one to two person teams struggling with tedious analysis.

500k tokens + 4 GB storage

AI data cleaning and analysis

Mine essential insights from CSVs, Excels, PDFs, Docs, and more

$750 / month

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For dedicated teams working with growing data sources.

2M tokens + 10 GB storage

Dedicated support + customisation

Analyse complex files (e.g. PDFs with graphs and diagrams)

$4500 / month

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For large enterprises looking to make data their advantage.

Tailored usage just for you

Sync with live data sources

Custom integrations + pipelines built with you stage by stage

Custom / month

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State of the art ingestion and retrieval for developers and enterprises with tech teams.

Integrate one API and just dump all your data regardless of format and structure

Regularly updated to reflect industry-leading RAG and ETL for different mime types

Flexible usage limits that scales with your data's volume and import frequency

$100 / month flat usage fee

$0.04 / API call after

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Full access to features

Commercial use license

Real-time team collaboration

Proprietary data processing pipeline

Access to multiple AI models

Auto data-labelling and tagging

GPT-4o and advanced AI Models

Advanced writing tools and helpers


Prompt templates

Beta features

Semantic data retrieval

Monthly token limit across team



Starts from 4.5 Million

Data storage across team

4 GB

10 GB

Starts from 100 GB

Number of pages for PDF analysis

1,500 (5MB max)

5000 (10MB max)

10,000 (15MB max)

File size limit for advanced data analysis (Excel, CSV, charts)



Starts from 100MB



Email + video call

Account manager + priority

Deployment options

Cloud-based only

Cloud-based only

On-premise add-on available

Role-Based Access

3rd-party integrations

Live syncing of data modules with external sources

Custom development

Minor feature additions