Nex AI: Automated Data Discovery with Docs, Sheets, and PDFs

A collaborative workspace where you import docs, decks, and spreadsheets — wherever they're stored, for AI to summarize, write with, and pull insights from.

Problem: Lots of data with few similarities.

The average consultant spends 80% of the workday requesting, consolidating, and pulling insights from documents, decks, and spreadsheets. It's tedious, time-consuming, and expensive — upwards of $200k a year for a Big 3 consultant.

Inefficiencies in data organisation, retrieval, and analysis across these different file formats and sources slow consultants down — exponentially as workloads grow.

This makes it hard for consultancy firms to scale effectively.

As a result, today's consultancy solutions still result in:

  • Increased expenses due to "hiring to scale"
  • Employees not maximising productivity
  • Quality of deliverables deteriorating

  • Solution: Every bit of data in a module AI gets.

    Nex works by aggregating data of any format, from anywhere: Google Drive, OneDrive, even files stored on your device, syncing them live and providing the aggregated data as context to AI to generate charts, documents, and insights.

    All aggregated data are stored as modules, an in-house data format we designed. Behind the scenes, a unique pipeline cleans, processes, and transforms data before it is packaged into modules. Everything is optimised for AI to understand the data it receives.

    After generating their desired outputs, consultants can:

    1. Edit
    2. Collaborate
    3. Manage

    ...all their information more effectively across teams in an integrated workspace, spending less time on searching, annotating, and analysing information for client development.

    Nex lets consultants work faster with more data, increasing productivity — and lets firms scale their business, without scaling their workforce or workload.

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