Adopting AI in Education Institutions: Why and How?

Generative AI helps staff in schools and universities craft better curriculums, perform faster accurate matching, prospect in a personalised way, and more, without doing additional work.

Gen AI: Helping education staff at all levels do better work.

Nex AI's talks with leaders, innovation teams, and back-office staff in schools, universities, and private tuition firms across Asia have helped to uncover a few core use cases that act as easy entries to adopting Gen AI.

We have found two processes that are prime cases for AI assistance. At a high level, they are:

  • Paper-reliant processes
  • Unstructured analysis on existing documents

  • This is what these problems could look like in your education institution.

    Use Cases: Problems AI solves in education.

    1. Building out curriculums based on past questions and papers

    Exam papers, past year questions, you've likely got them all. And going through them to construct new papers and learning material is often tedious, and extremely repetitive (especially if you're doing it year after year, or every time a test comes around).

    Gen AI solutions that can read and understand the questions and papers you have, and give you new variations of them will be just what you need in this case.

    2. Summarising reports, briefings, and internal communications

    Generative AI softwares that allow you to import documents, files, or text, will benefit you by letting you quickly condense information that's announced, discussed, and circulated within your institution. This means less information overload and less time wasted.

    3. Analysing student data to prospect and market more effectively

    Student data stored in portfolios or surveys are often excellent sources of opportunity to create more targeted messaging, so that enrollment increases, and students are able to find better matches in the course of studies they pursue.

    Generative AI solutions such as Nex AI are able to extract just the right insights across various files, for example, a student's aptitude information from a survey, as well as a list of course descriptions from another spreadsheet, to effectively target the right prospective students with the right course.

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